Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Drishti... Choose Your Focus

With a thirty minute commute, I can arrive to work to work frazzled or cheerful and at peace.  This morning reminded me the importance of my focus.  Heading West all I could see was a gloomy cloud covered sky.  Yet in the mirror I caught a glimpse of bright orange.  When I took a peek behind, I saw a vibrant, colorful sunrise.

On the mat, I remind us to choose our drishti or focus.  In some cases, we choose where our eyes rest but it's often the internal focus that makes the biggest difference.  Call them what you may... mind monsters, mental termites, tree branches for the monkey mind to swing on... they can all distract us from the beauty and joy that's right in front of us.  In fact, we can punish ourselves by pursuing these negative thoughts or acting in ways that go against our spirit's truth.

Don't get me wrong this morning I had a semi going 48 in a 55 and a school bus get in front of me.  Huffy was right there, but I chose my focus to be on the magnificence of the sunrise upon the fields.  Then the soccer mom cut me off on the interstate.  I caught myself wanting to shout a few words then looked to my East and redirected my focus.  

Abraham Lincoln said, "If we magnified our successes as much as we magnify our disappointments we'd all be much happier."  Imagine if instead of complaining about what's left or sharing what's wrong with your day, you focus on what was good and what you accomplished.

On my commute, had I kept my head forward I would have stayed in the cloudy, gloomy mindset.  Since I kept my eyes open to all that was around me and chose my focus, I arrived at my destination filled with joy by the color and beauty that could only come from the divine.

Is there something you've been dwelling on, getting anxious or beating yourself up about?  After giving it the full attention it needs in this moment, will you change your focus?

And in case you were wondering... the picture is today's sunset.  I didn't take it while driving this morning.