Sunday, January 13, 2013

Mindfully React

It's humbling to hear a friend share my words back to me.  I teach and write what I am learning and am surprised others remember what I have shared.  Even I, the professional breather, need reminded to take a deep breath and to let it go.

In debating my next move a friend asked me, "What good can come from this?"  My words back to teach me.  My inability to answer took me out of my head and away from my self-centered ego.  I was drawn straight to my heart.

This question gave me the opportunity to mindfully react or choose my response.  My rant debate included many ways of overreacting that would have served no one.  Chances are I would have regretted it and hurt others in the process.  If no good can come from words exchanged or actions completed, why say or do them?

Instead of my friend telling me what to do giving me advice, he asked the question that led me back to my intentions.  What good can come from this? Be the light, share the light, ignite and fuel the light of others.  Don't extinguish.  It was obvious what I should and shouldn't do.

My hope is that you'll find this question helps you or a friend mindfully respond and choose a path of love rather than fear, anger or revenge.  Next time you're plotting debating your next move take a deep breath and ask yourself, What good can come from this?