Sunday, January 6, 2013

Do It Today

My little sister Olivia, age six, came over for a sleepover a few weeks ago.  She picked up an empty journal and said let's write.  She didn't get caught up in the color of the pen or the design of the journal.  She just wanted to write.  On our way out the door to hike she said, "WAIT!  We need our journals."  Sure enough we stopped by the lake to write and trace leaves.  It was our fourth entry of the day.

Have you ever got caught up in the "how" that you never get to the "doing."  Like printing a recipe only to find it in a drawer or stack of papers 7 months later.  Or buying fitness equipment that only gets used by dust bunnies because you didn't have the perfect 30 minutes to workout.

I'm all for making and working towards SMART goals; however, sometimes our need for the perfect opportunity stops us.  We become the obstacle of our own success.  So let's stop that and do it today.  We can learn as we go.  Make the most of the little time or money we have and make it happen.  Little by little we'll get to that place we so wished we could have started at but let's not wait.  Let's do it today.