Monday, December 31, 2012

A Blank Canvas Meditation

The new year presents an opportunity for you to look at the path ahead as a blank canvas. You may find life's events clear your path to create on other days throughout the year too. This meditation helps you tap into your inner knowing or creative voice removing the influence of ego.  Ego is often driven by fear, greed or negativity.  Honoring My Spirit and Recognizing My Ego shares how to differentiate the two.

Feel free to read the meditation shared below or listen on YouTube.

Find a comfortable position that you may relax in.  It may be seated or lying down.  In whatever position you choose, reduce the external stimuli by closing your eyes.  Begin to follow your breath as it moves in and out.  Release any thoughts, worries, concerns or to dos with your exhale.  Breathing in and out, soften your body.

Using your mind's eye, imagine looking out the window to see a beautiful, wintry scene.  The snow is falling,  slowly blanketing the Earth.  White snow resting softly on the brown tree branches.  The ground cleansed by the thick layer of snow.  Your eyes delight in the vast space covered in white.  A blank canvas lay before you.

As you continue to take the breath deep into your body and completely release it, become aware of the voice within.  It may be quiet, soft or loud.  It may not be heard but felt instead.  Your inner voice may need time to come out and or share.  As you rest your attention within, you may find it comforting to place a hand on your heart.  Your breath freely flows.

A blank canvas lay before you, what do you wish to create this day or in the coming days/year?  Listen.  Don't be concerned with answering but rather listen to what comes up.  What is your spirit's priority?  Listen.

Rest in this listening space for... you'll know when it's time to stop.  Your inner voice will tell you.  Be kind as you come back to your space.  Gently move your body.

I encourage you to jot down notes from your experience.  Don't worry if nothing came up.  Your willingness to listen may open the door for your voice to speak to you throughout this day.  You may even try this meditation again at later time.

May your creation be inspired by grace and guided by love.  Namaste