Monday, December 24, 2012

Be Joyful

This time of year our attention is often pulled to material happiness and external validation but joy truly comes from within.

I read an article that suggested using the mantra, "Happiness is within."  As I rest on the table for an acupuncture treatment, I repeated that sentence over and over.  I was feeling horrible that day and it showed.  The acupuncturist came back and said I looked bright and at ease.  I shared my mantra.  He wasn't surprised.

Mind over matter.  Good words not only feel nice but have the power to heal.  And intention... well you know I believe.

I pray that as we enjoy the festivities, family and friends that we not be saddened, angered or distracted by our external needs but nurtured by the joy within.  May you share words from your heart and act with love.  May your joy warm and inspire all who cross your path this day and everyday.