Friday, July 8, 2016

Brave & Courageous

This past year my day job presented many challenges to my values of putting people first and being authentic. My friend sent a simple email, "I saw the attached and thought of you. You are BRAVE!" and included the image to the right.

It wasn't until I received this note that I began to think about how wholehearted living is meant for the brave and courageous and how little we acknowledge those attributes in each other. It takes courage to share our most authentic selves. Furthermore, we must be brave to speak our truth and live fully without being stifled by stereotypes, opinions, doubts, and unspoken rules.

At times I found my path to be lonely. Not for lack of friends, family or supportive people but for the decisions and times of effort I had to pull from my inner strength. I could lean on others, but I found the choice to move forward, to make a difference, to honor my values and be 100% myself was always mine and mine alone. Each choice took courage.

Some of life's challenges we bulldoze through and others we view as if it is a mountain too steep to climb. Yet, we don't talk about bravery and courage as often as we exhibit it and see it in others. Being recognized as brave was an element of support I found truly helpful as I met the challenge to honor my needs and travel uncharted territory.

I imagine you or someone you know are being faced with something, be it big or small, and have the choice to defer, deflect, or avoid all together. You also have the choice to be your best self and honor your needs. I am confident that you are brave and courageous. Let's affirm this in ourselves and encourage each other to be brave and do good in the world.

Always a Yogi,
Lynn Marie