Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Hot Summer = Move to Modern Downtown Indoor Location for Tuesday & Friday Night Classes

This summer is a hot one! With the temperatures consistently above 90, I'm happy to share we'll be taking our regular Tuesday & Friday night 5:30pm class to a new downtown modern hotel, Hampton Inn & Suites Downtown Des Moines, that is easy to get to and conveniently located by several great restaurants. Register for this class and enjoy dinner and/or a drink after. (Buzz me for insider tips & spots to enjoy after class.)

My love for taking the practice outside is still strong. I'll use this blog and email distribution list to announce planned and spontaneously scheduled outdoor yoga classes. As always, my Full Class Schedule is up to date with all events and classes and I am available for privately scheduled classes and workshops for you and your organization

Mark your calendars, I am the volunteer teacher for the following free park & recreation classes:
I hope to practice with you tonight or at another class soon.