Thursday, November 3, 2011

Passionate Life

A friend recently asked me if he was holding me back. Surprised, I asked from what. His response, from living. This spurred my meditation of what it means to live. For me, to be mindful of the world & all its beauty... feel the wind... See the stars... play on the earth... listen to a friend... share smiles... embrace ALL experiences, emotions and others... that is what it means to live. To him I responded, I am happily enjoying.

I have been diving into my passions and the cool part - others have shared that they are receiving the benefits of my taking time to feed my spirit. I feel alive and inspired. So with this I ask... What is your passion? What makes your heart sing? Is it an activity, a cause or a dream? When was the last time you did something that made you feel energized and filled with joy?

You'll know something is your passion, because you light up when you talk about it. It may keep you up late at night. Once you start playing with your passion you may not stop so easily. You'll feel alive when you are in touch with your passion.

It is my hope that you take a moment to reconnect with your passion... remember you can do so in small as well as big ways. Of course, let me know if you would like to explore your passion in conversation with me. I LOVE to have these talks.  Would love to share my passion with you at class soon.

With love and light