Monday, November 7, 2011

To Teach or Facilitate?

A photographer gets people to pose for him. A yoga instructor gets people to pose for themselves. 
-Terri Guillemets

You may hear me say that I like to teach not facilitate class.  I do not qualify my class by the number of people that gather.  In fact, I prefer a smaller group.  At times, when "teaching" a larger class I am limited on how personalized I can make the entire practice for those gathered.  It is at those times I find myself facilitating or "dancing" on my mat.  I feel free and excited to have a smaller group, because I am truly given the opportunity to teach.  I can cater the practice to the individuals' needs without watering down the class.

It is from this perspective that I see a student's growth.  Yes, there is growth in physical ability but more so growth in space, freedom and reduced limitations in the student's mind, body and spirit.  I aim to provide you the opportunity to pose for yourself.  To be in touch with and honor your needs on and off the mat.