Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I Won't Give Up

The beautiful spring weather invites me to open the top of my car and enjoy the music in the breeze.  I was struck by the beautiful lyrics and sound of "I Won't Give Up" sung by Jason Mraz.  This song made it's way to the playlist 3 times on my trip home today.

Divine Love, Friendship and Hope in Hardship - whichever theme you choose to interpret the lyrics, the meaning derived is nothing less than inspirational.

Divine Love... although we may call it something different... God, Universe, Divine Spirit, Gods, Goddesses, Mother, Father, Angels, Guides... the holy essence shares a love that is everlasting and always supporting.  Your God(s) says "I Won't Give Up."

Friendship... The hug, smile or words of a friend can change your entire day.  Your friends say "I Won't Give Up."

Hope in Hardship... sometimes must come from within.  We must find the strength to get up and share our light.  To believe the light is there when no one else does.  Tell yourself "I Won't Give Up."  Keep telling yourself until you believe... or fake it 'til you make it.  One day you will come to believe in yourself.  I believe in you.  I won't give up on you!

So I ask... do you hear these "groups" telling you "I Won't Give Up"?  They are saying it... and I hope you are too.  Believe in yourself and believe in each other.

I encourage you to enjoy the inspiration found in both videos - the lyric centric video and the story driven video.