Monday, March 19, 2012

The Magic of Five

Five may be all it takes to change your mood or brighten someone's day.  We can truly change our environment with five.  I've been playing with this concept and have found it to be very powerful.  I invite you to discover the magic of five.  Here are some ideas how...

  • Five deep breaths - no need to wait... try it now
  • Bring to mind five blessings
  • Take five minutes to connect with your intentions or goals.  I like to do this first thing in the morning or before I go to sleep.
  • Get your vitamin n.  Go outside for five. 
  • Connect for five with a partner or friend.  Get away from the "screens" and deeply connect.  
  • Share five compliments 
    • for yourself
    • for colleagues 
    • for strangers 
  • Five minutes in meditation - follow your breath and immerse yourself in the moment by observing... mind, body and spirit 
Where to find the time?
  • Waiting at the grocery store, stoplight or bank.
  • Before getting out of bed.
  • When getting into bed.
  • While you wait for a webpage or program to load.
  • During a commercial break.
  • Make it... schedule an appointment in your calendar.  Pick a different idea each day and see what happens.
Let's take, find, give five to explore the magic...