Tuesday, March 27, 2012

True to Me

I wear many hats… sister, daughter, friend, aunt, niece, teacher, listener, speaker, IT geek, student, yogi, etc. Not one of those hats encompasses my entire essence. I am not defined by a label or bunch of actions when wearing a particular hat. The essence that is me, my higher self or spirit, seeks expression through many outlets.

My spirit longs to be outside the mold of definition. My little sister, Allie, told me that I’m so far outside the box that sometimes I need to hike back to it and take a peek in. In fact, I pride myself on being unique. Yet upon reflection, I have found myself under the influence of my surroundings. I believe it is ok to shift my expression so long as I stay true to my deep truths – the values or beliefs that make me-me.

I have found there are few people that know the true me – the depth that is me. My meditation has sparked an interest to continue to work towards expressing my authentic self in all that I do with whomever I interact with. Using inspiration from Wordle, I created the image in this post as reminder of the elements that inspire me to be me.  This picture serves as my desktop pc background and each time I look a different word pops out.

Using the power of intention, I have found the following to be encouraging:
  • I release all limiting beliefs I have placed on myself and others. 
  • I am at peace with other people's opinion of me! 
  • My higher self leads today & every day. 
  • I allow my authentic self to shine! 
  • I trust myself enough to let the voice within me be stronger than any voices outside. 
  • What's within me is unique. I express it fearlessly and authentically.

I feel good when surrounding myself with these words and working to be truly me all of the time.  I've got to ask... are you being true to you?