Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Voice Within

One would think, as a yoga teacher, I would have no problem getting my tush on the mat. However, I too find resistance. My drive to overcome is fueled by the intention to connect with the divine voice within.

We encounter many voices in our days including co-workers, family members, and friends.  Some are supportive and others seem to pull us down.  I have found, some of these voices linger from the original source keeping my mind busy, ultimately fragmenting my peace.

The voices I let in have the power to change my inner workings. I'm guilty of bringing my smart phone to bed which invites those voices from Facebook and Twitter to my sacred place of rest. Sometimes I find these statements and pictures entice me to compare and judge. With mindfulness, I was able to see that magazines and TV shows affected my attitude and self-esteem.

The fear of addressing the voices or interpretations I have let in creates a resistance to my practice.  I know that they will greet me on my mat… "I'm not good enough. I am a bad friend, teacher, sister, etc. I didn't do enough.  I failed." The quiet often makes them seem louder and more painful.

That which I resist persists.  By avoiding the voices they continue to push me around.  By acknowledging their presence, I loosen their powerful control.   With a step on the mat, I take a deep breath and sweep my arms overhead affirming, I stand strong. I bend forward and I let go. With my foot back, my lunge opens my hips, I am free.  As I move into my practice the voices of others fade and I connect with my inner voice. The voice that honors the truth of my humanness yet supports my divinity.

Throughout the day I support myself and my connection to the voice within with the following intention,
       I stand strong in the Divine truth of who I am.

May you be free of the voices, opinions, and judgments that seem to cling.
May you connect to the truth within.