Friday, May 20, 2016

Choose to Be Good to You and Those Around You

One of the things I love about my yoga practice, is that it reminds me that I have a choice. Every position can be modified. Based on my energy level, tight spots, or injury, I can receive the benefits of yoga by choosing the position that serves me best. The choices don't stop with what I do with my body. In observing sensations and thoughts, I am able to recognize an internal dialogue that may be tearing me or another down. It is then, when I catch myself thinking negatively, I can choose a different thought.

I'm not saying that making better choices is easy, but that it is something that we can practice on the mat just as well as off. When I feel stuck at work, in a relationship or creative assignment, yoga kindly reminds me that I have a choice in what I say or do next. This awareness brings me a sense of freedom and internal peace.

I have no doubt that when we are mindful of our choices we are also mindful of others and how our actions may affect them. Are you making choices that serve you in your yoga practice and beyond? It is my hope that you chose to serve, to be creative, to love yourself, to open your heart to another… ultimately that you choose to be good to you and those around you.

I'd love to see you again and share a yoga practice that cultivates an awareness of choice, gratitude and love. Until then, I've added a Chair Yoga class to my YouTube Channel.