Monday, May 23, 2016

New Name for Guerilla Yoga & 2 Classes This Week - May 24 & 27

Views from the Illuminate Yoga Mat

May 24 & 27

Join me and bring a friend this Tuesday, May 24 and Friday, May 27 for an hour yoga class that begins at 5:30pm by the Shattering Silence sculpture.  You read that right, class on Friday.  I'm happy to be kicking off the holiday weekend with you on this beautiful hilltop by the Iowa Judicial Building.  To ensure you have the best personable experience, I ask that you reserve a space in class at least 4 hours before class begins.  No worries about the potential rain... I've got us covered.  Details and directions below.

Btw this Friday isn't the only one on the calendar and if you like it I'll add more.

Name Change - No More Guerillas!

Guerilla Yoga was intended to be a fun, cheeky way to take the practice to different outdoor locations and inspire play on the mat.  I believe the name has kept some from joining our class as it sounds scary or intense which does not describe our relaxing practice together.  My goal in teaching any yoga class is to welcome ALL to the practice to receive yoga's benefits.    

So today, we let go of the Guerilla name and move on calling our traveling Holistic Yoga class Illuminate Yoga Around Downtown.  As you know, this practice is appropriate for any level of yoga student from beginner to experienced.  I thought long and hard about what name to move forward with and during my moonlit yoga practice last night it hit me... go back to your roots.  To me that meant back to my mission and reason for naming my business Illuminate Yoga + Natural Solutions.  So Illuminate Yoga it is =)

View from the Illuminate Yoga Mat

Details for May 24 & 27 (same spot both days)

Call, text or email me if you have any questions.