Monday, June 6, 2016

Celebrate Success - 3 Ways to Boost Yourself & Others

Our culture tends to celebrate busy-ness and stress. Can we shift the reward to the good we do in a day? I've noticed as the end of day draws near I'm frustrated about the never ending to do list and overwhelmed by the demands on my time and energy. It's a rare evening for me to sit back and think… I nailed it today. I got EVERYTHING done. Here are a few ideas I've been playing with in aiming to shift my end of day perspective and do good with my time.
  • 3 Must Dos - At the beginning of the day, I identify 3 must do tasks. These non-negotiable tasks have to be small enough to be accomplished in a day. I set the expectation with myself that these are my top priorities and I must manage my time appropriately to accomplish them. It's easy to overlook the good for you tasks and label them as not necessary. If we continue to do that… yoga, walk with family, lunch with a friend, or meditation will continue to be pushed to tomorrow ultimately not getting done. 
  • Quick Win - When working a big project I find that when I take a break from the project and tackle a couple small tasks my motivation and sense of self-accomplishment gets a boost. My to dos will have a star or label (QW) so that when I need a productive pick me up, I can knock out one or a few of those quick wins items. I may include an email or message to a friend, acquaintance or business. Those notes of gratitude make me feel good in sharing and I hope bring smiles to those that receive. 
  • The Done List - There is a sense of accomplishment that comes from marking it off the list. Whether I'm using a digital tool like Trello or a good ole yellow post it note, I've started to keep a Done List. In aiming to keep a work life balance, action items cannot be addressed into the evening and wee hours. To avoid the "if I get this one more thing done" personal guilt trip, I review my Done List. By the end of the day, I can see exactly what I've accomplished and feel better about setting the rest down for tomorrow. 
Now that we're knocking it out of the park, let's celebrate the good we do. There's no sense in dragging a conversation down talking about what's left to do. Let's celebrate each other and our own accomplishments; here's a couple ideas to get our celebrations going.
  1. In a Meeting - Start your team meeting, church committee, book club or other meeting with participants sharing a recent success they've had. This helps the group to learn more about each other and find new ways to support creating a more cohesive team. 
  2. With Your Family or Friends - Instead of picking up conversation with the chores left to do or stress of upcoming activities, take a moment to enjoy what each of you have done. Share what your proud of in each other and yourself. This can be done in the car, at mealtime, or over the phone. It takes no time but helps enrich the conversation and create a deeper connection. 
  3. With Yourself - Review your Done List. Reward yourself with a life giving activity or moment. Celebrate your wins (even if they are small) with a good cup of tea and 5 minutes with your book, pet, or favorite blog. Your reward may be a bath, yoga or deep breathing. Whatever celebration you find, be sure it enriches your life rather than numbing you of sensation as that reward tends to expire more quickly leaving more negative effects than good. 
Together, we can celebrate the good we do and ultimately the good in others.

May you be mindful in action and generous in review.

Lynn Marie