Friday, June 24, 2016

Let's Play Yoga: 3 Ideas for Kids Yoga

My sister informed me that my niece graduated kindergarten with a list of activities to enjoy this summer one of which is "A Day at Lynny's." Whether you have children yourself or entertain your friends and family's kiddies or need a gift for a kid, these three ideas have been kid tested and made my home a coveted summer destination for the 9, 6 and 4 year olds in my life.
  1. Yoga Pretzels Yoga Cards $13.49 - This deck of 50 cards includes a variety of poses, games, breathing, and my nieces' favorites partner pose ideas. The colorful cards include simple instructions that will help any adult play along whether they know yoga or not. With kid friendly names, this card deck inspires the imagination as well as physical activity. 
  2. My Daddy is a Pretzel $8.99 - This book is nice to read with colorful illustrations and fun to mimic the pose on every page. 
  3. Dance for the Sun: Yoga Songs for Kids by Kira Willey - This CD inspires dance and yoga play. 
The children in your life benefit from your yoga practice and not just because you're more patient. ;) As they hear and see you taking care of yourself, they learn about healthy living. In fact, this week a student asked me about sharing yoga with her child, because her 4-year-old knew she was going to yoga class and wanted to do yoga too.

Having taught kids ages 3 to 93, I have yet to see yoga's limits and have come to believe age is only a number. Play is much the same... May we be inspired to play no matter our age.

Always a Yogi,
Lynn Marie