Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Yoga Class Bloopers

Inspired by a student twerking her dog pose in class today, I thought I'd share some yoga funnies with you.

Teaching a class of 10 or so individuals 40+ in age, I quickly realized that I better turn the music up as our forward bends and twists were assisting the digestive system in releasing excess gas. As the symphony of sounds, not coming from the speakers, accompanied our entire class I had to catch myself from saying take a deep breath in and let it all go. Holding back my giggles, because apparently I have sense of humor of a 4-year-old, the final blow came when Bob let it all go and his wife whacked him and said, "Bob, knock it off."

This needs no introduction as the cue for distribution of our weight in our feet says it all, "Roll on your balls." A couple students caught my eye but somehow we managed to hold our laughter back. Yep I've got the humor of a teenager too.

Teaching a community outdoor class of 300+ participants, I led the class into Intense Side Stretch Pose. Seeing a gal in her 20s struggling with what to do with her body, I offered a suggestion of lifting her chest to elongate her spine. Simple enough however her response, "I'm too tall." Side note: you aren't too tall, too short, too tight or whatever the excuse may be for yoga. There are options appropriate for your body and abilities.

And some of my favorite yoga funnies are Child's Pose jokes. You know the teacher's set up, if you find yourself needing a break or unable to participate in a particular pose take Child's pose. Here's that idea taken off the mat and into real life…

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Lynn Marie