Friday, June 17, 2016

What He & She Wishes You Knew

I believe in the good in people. I think family, friends, co-workers, significant others, and strangers think and feel much more than they express. Time, fear, or other reasons may keep things unsaid. Yet our human need to connect and understand remains. I wrote this letter a few months back at a time I felt misunderstood. I needed to find a way to express my thoughts when I felt I had no voice.

As I later turned to this letter, I found it helpful to assume it from individuals I was struggling to understand. Reading it in their voice, invited me to find compassion for the person hurting, offending or disappointing me. By shifting my internal story, I alleviated my desire to react and hold anger or resentment. I found myself in a more open place.

The letter...
I am doing my best. I want to be a good (insert the person's role in your life). I realize sometimes my words, and behaviors don't match your expectations or my intention, but I assure you I'm trying. Even with all my effort and attention the wrong words come out and my actions lack luster. 
Being your (insert role) is important to me; even though it may not seem like it. I hope you join me in recognizing tomorrow is a new day with many opportunities to try again. 
Please know in your heart that those moments I do not live up to my intention or your expectations that there is no need to worry; it's not your fault nor is it about you. It's that I am human. I will make mistakes and I will fail. But also know this… I will try again. Thank you for holding space for me to learn and be better. Your patience and forgiveness are greatly appreciated.
My intention for us…
May we be willing to forgive. May we be open to new opportunities.
May we find strength to communicate from our heart's center.
Always a Yogi,
Lynn Marie